Thinking Irma From A Snow State

10 September 2017 Written by 

In upstate New York today, I'm thinking of Irma and praying for friends in Florida. The sunrise here today was punctuated by trees that have begun to change color with the cool nights. 

The deep green monotone of the summer has given way to the reds and oranges of the color wheel. Yellows, too, are peering over the lush greenness much like a baby bunny props himself on his haunches and peers over top of a parent … before toppling over backwards and scrambling for balance. Autumn in upstate NY has come early this year. Many of us are still reeling from the heavy rains and general dampness of the summer that never really brought the warmth and sunshine that we so look forward to in the northeast.

We consider ourselves a hardy bunch notching our belts with numerous blizzards every year. There is something that invokes camaraderie and family time when we hunker down in a warm house with the snow swirling about and piling up outside. Throw another log on the fire and, like former Buffalo mayor Jimmy Griffin said during the Blizzard of 1985, “Go home, buy a six pack of beer, and watch a good football game.” After all, there are snow suits and gloves, scarves and face masks, hats and boots and all sorts of attire to fend off the bitter cold.

Cold and snow are easier to deal with than hurricanes

Up here we relish the beauty of changing seasons and reply to the inevitability of snowstorms with the remark: snow melts. There is seasonal balance here, winter warms into spring, which in turn warms into summer and then cools into autumn and back into winter. The cycle of seasons is addicting and keeps many of us in the area or beckons us back after a life lived elsewhere.

For us frozen water is the worst we get; it’s nothing like a twelve-foot wall of water threatening the Florida coast. A blizzard is not a hurricane. So, on this wonderfully cool and brilliantly lit morning in upstate NY, my thoughts and prayers are with those in Florida who have either fled the storm to hunker down shelters, or in their homes, waiting out the storm. We're with you in spirit.

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