Putting The Brakes On A Fear-filled Train Of Thought

05 July 2017 Written by 

Where does my fear come from? It comes from the images, the movies that I play in my mind. They might be images or movies of the past or they might be of the future.

It’s not the current reality that causes my fear; it’s my thoughts about the situation that are the root of my fear.

It’s feels like if I don’t fear it, I won’t be able to do anything to stop it! 

This is the root of my anxiety, dread, fear and even terror.

When I can pull myself away from the movies in my head and focus on the fact that I am presently just fine, then I come to a place of mindfulness. I am currently not in the movie. The movie is only in my mind. I am here, standing in the kitchen or sitting in my chair, and I am just fine.

Fear is just the story I am telling myself. The gift is that life continues to go on no matter what I believe about it.

Reality is always kinder than the story I am believing about it.

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