How To Quit Being Invisible

13 June 2017 Written by 

Today at a recovery meeting someone was sharing their story, explaining that in the past she was always disappointed because others didn’t “see” her or listen to her.

Wondering why the hole in her life was never filled by others, she continued in her quest to be seen and heard.

Eventually, the understanding came that actually SHE was the one not seeing or listening to herself!

What a revelation! What did she want? What did she want to communicate? This is an essential first step in recovery – learning to embrace and love yourself. Discovering who you are, what you feel, what you want, being unafraid to step forward as yourself, fully authentic.

So often in my work with sponsees, I say “Did you hear what you said?” Because if you stop to listen to yourself, you actually DO know what you want, and you speak your own truth. The problem is, you aren’t even listening to yourself!

Begin to put a mirror up to yourself and see yourself; listen to your own words. Find the authentic person inside and stand up for that person. It’s important to know what you want and how you feel. And it’s even more important to stand up for yourself.

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