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23 February 2016 Written by 

Reach Out Recovery Intern Alex Thornton What Kind Of Drinker Are You

 It’s A fact Alcohol Is A Toxin

Alcohol is toxic. It is poison through and through, yet it’s marketed it to everyone as the basis of many of our important and cherished social gatherings. Why do we take to poisoning ourselves for enjoyment? What implications does this have for the human condition if one of the most enjoyable things we do collectively is poisoning ourselves. Alcohol changes our behavior and feels good.

Is Feeling Different A Good Thing

Some people argue that alcohol allows people to be more social and therefore drinking is a good thing. That argument implies an inherent feeling of anxiety and discomfort about ourselves that makes drinking necessary to feel comfortable among others.

Positive Social Experience

Alcohol creates a good feeling which allows people to find common interest through drinking with those whom they might not otherwise associate. This situation can perhaps turn a person’s isolation into a positive social experience.

Negative Social Experience

People who are not comfortable in social situations may use alcohol to create meaningful long term relationships. Drinking, however, may simply engage people who have nothing in common other than the mutual disdain for sobriety. This situation can lead to an incredibly isolating social experience.

The Drinking Experience Can’t Be Generalized

Each individual's experience with alcohol, both in high school and in college, and later in life, will be different. Some may have overwhelmingly positive experiences, and others may find themselves in the grip of addiction and intense isolation. There are indicators, like family history and mental history, and we should know more about them.

Awareness Of The Dark Side Drinking Is Needed

The marketing and widespread use of alcohol hides the darker side of alcohol. Undeniably, the use of alcohol is not always negative. We see the short term social lubricant effects of alcohol in every media hype. Even getting stupid and dangerous drunk can seem like a good time. And when arguing against alcohol use, we may not consider the potential isolation of people who feel awkward in social situations without alcohol present.

Conclusion: How and Why You Drink Matters

Drinking when one is having a good time with others is not necessarily a bad thing. Drinking in order to have a good time with others can put one on a very dangerous and lonely path. It’s important to know both yourself, what you're doing, and what is in your drink before you swallow.


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