Pot And Booze Tied To Lower College Grades

08 March 2017 Written by  FOX News

College students who are struggling to keep up in class may want to lay off the alcohol and marijuana. A new study links heavy use of both substances to lower grades.

Substance abuse has long been tied to poor achievement, worse graduation rates and difficulties finding and keeping good jobs. The current study takes a closer look at grade point averages (GPAs) for U.S. students who start college with similar academic potential but use different amounts of pot and booze.

Compared to sober youth, students who drink a lot but don't smoke much pot tend to get lower grades during the first semester of college but then achieve similar GPAs, the study found. This comparison looks much worse for heavy users of both marijuana and alcohol - these students started out with lower GPAs than their sober peers and continued to get worse grades.

"We were surprised that students who consumed fairly large quantities of alcohol alone and very little marijuana did not have a consistent decrease in GPA," said lead study author Shashwath Meda of the Olin Neuropsychiary Research Center and Hartford Hospital in Connecticut.

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