Designer Drugs Put Nightclubers At Risk

15 September 2016 Written by 

New Drugs With "Lethal" Highs Pose Grave Danger To Trend Seekers

From Science Daily: Novel Psychoactive Substances are synthetic or "designer" drugs which have increased in popularity in recent years. Such drugs include Foxy, Smiles, "bath salts" such as Flakka and Meow Meow, psychedelics such as NBOMe (pronounced "N-bomb" a.k.a.: "25i"), and synthetic cannabinoids (commonly referred to as Spice and K2 drugs). Many of these new drugs are marketed as "legal" highs, appearing on the drug market and out in the open in an effort to circumvent controlled substance legislation.


New street drugs continue to emerge at a rapid rate. According a recent UN World Drug Report, in 2015 alone, the emergence of 75 new drugs were detected, bringing the overall worldwide count to almost 700 "new" street drugs identified. However, in the U.S., national drug use surveys only ask respondents about their use of a couple of non-specific categories of new street drugs such as "bath salts." Furthermore, few studies in the U.S. have focused on use among one of the highest-risk populations -- electronic dance music (EDM) nightclub and festival attendees.


Researchers at New York University Center for Drug Use and HIV Research (CDUHR) and Kings College London set out to rectify this dearth of information. Their paper, "Examine Correlates of New Psychoactive Substance Use Among a Self-Selected Sample of Nightclub Attendees in the United States," was recently published in The American Journal on Addictions.


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