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16 July 2017 Written by 

The Intern Takes The Big Step To Understand Her Mental Health Issues And Is Happy She Did

A few weeks ago I began seeing a counselor at my school. Since then I have had multiple ah hah moments as well as valuable learning experiences. One of the lessons I have learned has been to ask for help before you need it. I began seeing my counselor as a sort of “maybe having an alcohol father made me crazy and I just don’t see it but I’m probably fine so let’s see!” moment and I’m so glad I did.

It Took Me Three Years To Have The Courage 

Last week I wrote about three things I have learned from going to counseling. Prevention earns a spot as number 4. As long as I can remember I was an extremely hyperactive child. I never paid attention and the only reason I was able to survive through high school with a diploma was because the teachers handed out A’s like party favors.

College Taught Some Hard Lessons About Life

College provided me with some insight into how incapable I am in the real world. I forget EVERYTHING and when I do remember to do something, it is poor quality or I get frustrated half way through and give up. I experience mood swings and trouble holding conversations for a long period of time.

I Have Real Trouble Staying Focused

My mind is everywhere and I am a restless soul (sorry again mom). It was about a week ago when I decided to not accept this glass ceiling that I have in my life. I always looked at other people’s lives with awe. How did they thrive in such a way? Their bills are paid, their relationships are tended to and they are volunteering! How can I be that person that I so badly want to be and combat this invisible cage I’ve been placed in?

I Got Myself Tested

I took a comprehensive learning disabilities test and was officially diagnosed with ADHD the inattentive type. I have had suspicions my entire life but to have a professional tell me that there is help for me and that I have a way to live a normal life brought me to tears. ACTUAL tears.

Knowing I Have ADHD Made Me Feel Better

When my doctor read me my report the validation that it wasn’t my fault. This is my brain not not my being lazy. Luckily, there is help for people with my mental struggles. Knowing what it is freed me from my self-deprecating thoughts and low self-esteem. I will now be able to play on a level field with my coworkers and peers.

I Do Not Have To Be Defined By A Limitation

I feel the actual me will now be able to shine through. Armed with better understanding and new tools, I can have the high quality life I have always longed for. 

Don't Wait To Get Help

If you feel that you have some sort of limitation of your mind do not wait to get help. Untreated mental disorders can ruin and potentially take your life. Your mind is powerful and you cannot control it. If you do have a mental health issue, you do not have to be a victim. Give yourself the best chance to get the life you want. Talk to your doctor or a mental health expert. You owe it to and yourself. I am so happy and grateful for the time we live in where help and easily accessible. School and college counselors are there to help you on this road.

A Reach Out Recovery Exclusive By: The Intern

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