5 Steps To Connecting With Your College Professor

26 September 2016 Written by 

As the semester moves forward and students are starting to get in the groove of their routines and schedules, concerns pop up and stress permeates the atmosphere. There’s that moment of not knowing and that opportunity to reach out to the professor for clarity. However, this often strikes fear into the hearts of even the most articulate student! Here are 5 steps to help you connect….

        1. Refer To Your Syllabus

You’re looking for the section on the course syllabus which is titled, “Office Hours”. Check these hours against your own schedule and see where times match up … or don’t.

         2. Come Up With 3 Possible Dates/Times To Meet

Looking at your own schedule and the professor’s office hours, figure out 3 possible outcomes that work  and write them down. If you’re not available during the scheduled office hours… don’t panic! Just note that there are not times in common.

         3. Refer To Your Syllabus

Your professor’s email is at the top of the syllabus … somewhere around their name. Write it down.

          4. Compose An Email

Start with the 3 possible dates/times that you can meet. If you haven’t got any times in common, just say it. “My schedule isn’t open on the dates/times you have office hours. Would you be available to meet on Tuesday 9/27 from 3:00 – 3:30pm, Wednesday 9/28 9:00 – 9:30am or Friday 9/30 8:30- 9:00am? Fill in with 3 possible dates/times that fit your schedule.

          5. Collect Your Thoughts

Breathe. In the next section of your email you’re going to describe why you want to meet. Keep it to a couple sentences. Avoid statements that are too vague like, “I don’t understand.” Instead, be curious as to where it is you want clarity.  For example, “ I understand that photosynthesis is when a plant uses sunlight in the presence of carbon dioxide and water and converts it into sugar and oxygen….but where I’m stuck is what that has to do with respiration.”

Close your email with a “thank you” and hit SEND. Congrats! You’ve taken that first step in making a connection….

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