New Med For Alcohol Use Disorder Helps

02 October 2016 Written by 

A new drug may benefit people with alcohol addiction, particularly those who are experiencing high levels of stress, a new study suggests.The new study involved 144 people with alcohol use disorder, which is defined as drinking that causes them harm or distress, including problems at work and with relationships. At the start of the study, participants were consuming 10 alcohol drinks a day, on average. The researchers randomly assigned participants to take either the new drug, called ABT-436, or a placebo (a "dummy pill") every day for 12 weeks. The study was double blinded, meaning that neither the participants nor the researchers knew which people had received the drug, and which had received the placebo.


Participants who took the drug ended up having more alcohol-free days during the 12-week study, compared with those in the placebo group. On average, participants in the drug group were able to abstain from alcohol for 51 days over the course of the study, while people in the placebo group were able to abstain for 42 days. 

Content Originally Published By: Rachael Rettner @ Fox News Health

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