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25 July 2016 Written by 

I was horrified today to see a commercial on TV for a website that gives the best prices for prescription and other drugs. Trivago for pills may be a good idea for some medications that people absolutely can’t live without. But this is so much more than that. This is a website that pits Kmart, Walgreens, Target, Walmart, CVS and other distributors against each other for the sale of very drugs that are killing our children. Encouraging you to buy more to get a better price. Free coupons, and absolutely no information about the dangers of use. Couldn't be more frightening.

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On this website, the drugs are listed like hotel rooms. Here, have your opium solution, your Percocet, your Roxicodone here. Get free coupons and special offers when you order a 90-day supply. Do you want this available to every family member and substance user you know? A new way to get more.

The Worst Encouragement of Prescription Drug Use Imaginable

The fundamental problem is we don’t need a lot of the medications we’re encouraged to buy in the first place. We really don’t need them. We're used to thinking we need them. We're encouraged to want what we hadn't even known about before seeing it on TV. I know I used to rush to the drug store to “relieve” whatever might be hurting or bothering my children, starting when they were very little. It seemed like a good idea if there was a product to make things better why not use it? It got them used to the idea that they needed to rush to the drug store for pain and other relievers. Can I say I'm sorry now. I'm sorry now. I didn't know any better.

Soothing Every Pain Is Not A good Idea

By encouraging medication use for everything only conditions our children, and now our adult ourselves, not to be able to tolerate any discomfort. And honestly, that leads to medication abuse. 

Discomfort Is Not A Bad Thing

Discomfort is part of life. The fact is you’re not going to feel good every day. Learning how to use our own resources to calm and soothe our discomfort can cure a lot of ills. Lemon water and salt water can cure you of acid reflux. It’s hard to give up expensive meds, though. Would you switch if it worked? I don't think so. Too easy and home grown. Old methods our grandparents used don't appeal to everyone.

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This new website, and ideas like that encourage stocking up, it only encourages the public buy more (of the most dangerous drugs) for less, which encourages use whether you need it or not, and will contribute to a host of new abuses in every way. Buyer beware.

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