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So many different kinds of issues can result in chronic, negative lifestyles and habits (substance use and behavior disorders). There are other kinds of emotional issues, however, that make relationships and daily life difficult, like reliving traumas (PTSD is one example), letting painful experiences from the past guide our interactions of right now. There are many different kinds of steps to recovery. 4 steps to recovery.

1. Acknowledgment There Is A Problem That Needs Addressing

Acknowledging the present situation for what it is and for what it is not. Letting it settle in the bones that this – right now – is the way it is. Lamenting the “should haves” and “what ifs” keep us stuck in the stories of the past. It is when we acknowledge this moment, that we create our future.

2. Courage To Take The First Step

It's not easy to make changes in you life when you've been doing it the same way for a long time. You have to be brave to take that first step toward self-care, self-confidence and healing. To reach out, show up, be your word. To take some kind of action in order to get off the bleachers and onto the court. What is that first brave step for you. It could be as simple as the first time you say "no."

3. Willing New To Make Different Choices

It is, ultimately, our choices that have brought us to this moment. We are choosing to move toward happy and healthy.  We will continue to choose happy and healthy in the next moment and the next. By starting with easy choices and then moving to the harder ones, we create a path of accomplishment that propels us forward. Small hinges swing big doors, after all.

4. Planning A New Direction

Pick one. It doesn’t have to be forever, you will grow and change with every experience. You will become more aware of yourself and what it is that you really want as you start to move. Once you embark in a direction, that thing that lights you up will be encouraged. Let it guide you.

Reach Out Recovery Exclusive By: Elizabeth Viszt

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