9 Recovery Tips For Election Grief

14 November 2016 Written by 

Not everybody is thrilled with the way the election turned out. Some people feel hurt and frightened. Others are elated and excited and ready for whatever the future brings. Gloating on one side and mourning on the other side is fine as long as we don't beat each other up. It doesn't matter what side you were on. What matters is that we all work to find a way to move forward as a unified country. Can that happen? Not if we're mean. For those who are hurting here are some recovery solutions.

Recovery Solutions

Yes, you feel unheard. You may feel cheated, alienated, disappointed, fearful, anxious. But don't play the blame game. The sun will continue to come up every day no matter who is president, and we all still have goals to achieve. Recovery has some solutions to help manage the pain for those who feel helpless and hurt.

  1. Refrain from any desire to jump off the roof, hit the bottle, or increase your meds. That would only hurt you more and not improve the situation. And you could end up dead.
  2. Do let yourself feel the pain while you process. Grief and disappointment will not kill you as long as you don’t get stuck in them. Take to your bed for a few days. Eat ice cream. 
  3. Don't unfriend or bash people who don't agree with you. Revenge for differing opinions is not appropriate and won't fix things.
  4. Feel confident, not defeated. It is a fact that what goes around comes around again. The only constant is change. And this too will pass.
  5. Let Go And Let God. This is a recovery slogan that fits really well here, and everywhere. It doesn’t mean don’t be involved in positive action. It just means you don’t have to worry about or fix the whole world. Focus on what you can do and let the rest be managed by your higher power, if you are lucky enough to believe in one.
  6. Take it one day at a time. This is a recovery slogan that helps keep you grounded. As long as you are still noticing the beauty in people and animals and nature and work and kindness, you will continue to feel pleasure no matter what happens.
  7. Stay connected. Be with people who are upbeat and positive and have goals they still want to achieve. Finding a new route when a road is washed out is both the American way and the recovery way.
  8. Do the next right thing. We have always taken care of each other in hard times. That’s what we need to continue doing now. There are always options.
  9. Feel grateful for what you have. Do I need to say there is a lot to be grateful for every single day? Count your blessings. 

And enjoy this holiday season.


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