5 Tips To Manage Time

22 August 2016 Written by 

Last semester I asked my graduating seniors, “What life skill should my children learn before coming to college?”  Their answers were a resounding: Time management.

As back-to-school preparations begin in earnest, here are 5 tips to help you manage your time.

1. Define It

Is time something you see as abundant or lacking? This is an important first step because it brings to your attention your view of life. Is your schedule packed or do you see lots of space?

2. Organize It

Write it down and get your schedule out of your head and onto an app or a hard copy calendar/organizer. There are a plethora of monthly, weekly and daily ‘minders’ to aid you. Choose the one that best fits your view.

3. Include Time To Nourish Yourself

 Meals should take a minimum of 20 minutes to consume without multi-tasking through them. Shoot for between 7-9 hours of quality sleep each night.

4. Purchase An Alarm Clock

And strategically place it out of reach or across the room from your bed. Make an agreement with yourself that you will get up (and stay up!) when the alarm goes off. No snuggling deeper under the covers, no tossing of pillows, no habitually pressing the snooze, and no creating ingenious ways to silence the alarm!

5. Share Your Time Management Method With Your Room/suite Mates 

And respect their method by not judging it. The way that works for you is just the way that works for you. It’s not the right way. Be curious and open to revisiting your method often so that time continues to be something that you are managing and not something that is managing you.

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