3 Dangers Living With An Addict

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3 Safety Issues You Should Know About Living With A Substance Abuser


If you share a home with someone who is using drugs, then you could be in danger from things you do not even think about or know about.


One of the leading causes of home fires is in the kitchen with fires caused by cooking. Drugs and alcohol make the user less aware or less able to remember that they have left a pan on the stove. If the pan is for frying, then it is even more likely to cause a fire.

Another leading cause of fires is from smoking. There is a strong connection between fires in the home and drug and alcohol use. Statistics gathered in Alaska over a five year period showed that of the fires cause by careless smoking, in almost 75% of these, drugs or alcohol were a contributing factor.

Any time someone smokes in the home, the risk for fire increases, regardless of whether they are smoking cigarettes or marijuana or crack cocaine. If there are children in the home the risk increases, as children playing with fire (matches lighters etc) cause an average of 56,000 fire a year.


Drugs cost money. Where does the addict get the cash for his/her habit? Often the users drug habit increases to the point where they are unable to earn enough money to pay for their drugs. Theft is common, and especially from the people they are closest to - others in the home. Things can vanish including cash, credit cards, jewelry and tools. How do you prove that the user took Grandmas wedding band to the hock shop? How do you prove that $20 bill in your wallet was taken by your abuser. Being aware is the first step to locking valuables away or at least knowing where everything is at all times.

Children and Safety

Are there children in the home? Is the addict responsible for their safety and welfare? There are many negative consequences from substance abuse that affect children including emotional or physical neglect to outright abuse. In addition, children quickly learn from what they see. If they witness an addict smoking or snorting a drug, then they are learning at a young age that this is normal behavior. If they see violence associated with substance use, they will learn that is normal, too. Children absorb whatever they see, and tend to mirror whatever behavior they experience.

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