When It's Not A Match

19 August 2016 Written by 

The loaner car was the same model and color; a year older, it had the factory installed grey carpet that would hold the raindrops from the downpour that the parched land greedily drank.The wheel felt familiar in my hands, the dash looked the same, there was plenty of leg room, it was clean and comfortable… but it just didn’t handle the same way. It didn’t fit.

We May Know When A Car Isn't Right But What About When A Person Isn't Right

It’s amazing how readily we can tell when a car isn’t a good fit, but cannot make the same distinction as easily with the people in our lives. We give second and sometimes third chances to people who simply aren’t a fit. We blame ourselves and vow to be more open and understanding. We make excuses for poor behavior and chastise ourselves for not doing enough to make what we know is an unhealthy relationship work. We lower our standards and smudge our boundaries in an effort to force the fit.

We take it on like an inadequacy in our worthiness; staying in the relationship far longer than what our intuition would typically allow.

But put us in a car that’s not a fit, and we’re quick to point out that it’s just not right for us. No one’s fault. Just not a good fit. If we can trust our gut in choice of vehicle, couldn’t we also trust it in choosing a healthy relationship?

Reach Out Recovery Exclusive By: Elizabeth Viszt

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