Finding Acceptance In Changing Seasons

16 December 2016 Written by 

The brown wicker patio set sits at attention on the cobblestone sidewalk. There are four armchairs tucked under the ornately scrolled table top waiting for the chance to be a part of the conversation. The trees are a mix of haves and have-nots as their leaves chase the random passing car and settle along the sides of the road. Strays dotting the sidewalk and
accumulating in bunches of oranges and reds in the base and feet of the patio set. Two seasons coexisting in this moment.

Summer not quite ready to give up her long, carefree, warm days and brilliant sunshine. Autumn beckoning with crisp, cool air and the promise of change. Mother Nature has returned to her studio and painted with a palate of color and light; greens taking a backseat to the yellows and reds and oranges which she expertly blends into the landscape. The lushness of a
monotone replaced with the brilliance of the color wheel.

The patio set sits in protest to the change, lacking the umbrella of summer, it sits unadorned and solemn on a cool Autumn morning. A glance in its direction serves as a reminder of perseverance and readiness. The chair legs are but spindles, but there are four of them. They create a strong foundation and the base of support needed to provide respite for the weary. The bare table anticipates the steaming hot mugs of coffee and plates of sustenance that will warm and nourish those who allow it. No, this table doesn’t relish being put away for the season; instead, it sits ready to adapt to the change. Or rather, for the change to adapt to its presence.

Another month presses forward and soon the patio set takes on a certain stubbornness in its resistance to the changing season. The brown wicker is stark against the swirls of white that have accumulated in drifts along the roadway. The cobblestone sidewalk is dotted with individual bricks peeking out from a newly shoveled path. In this setting the table is like a
recalcitrant child, arms folded in defiance, teeth gritted and shoulders shrugged forward in its effort to ward off a perceived doom.

The view from the wooden table inside the coffee shop is stark in comparison to the warmth that is found within. There is camaraderie here, aromas of chai and flavored brews, the comfort of a fireplace and cozy chairs, and strings of brightly colored lights. And there is laughter. The
atmosphere is light-hearted and fun, the artistic chalkboards boast the delicacies available to those who shake off their boots and untie their scarves in the cordial space.

The welcome of the quaint little coffee shop is a reminder that respite can look like any number of things in any given moment. At first the wicker patio set gave the promise of rest, but after a while it became the symbol of coping with the elements. The choice to enter the inviting atmosphere, to breathe in contentment and to relax is always there.

It’s just a matter of choosing it.

A Reach Out Recovery Exclusive By: Elizabeth Viszt

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