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How many times do we reach for a pill to ease our stress. Here is a way to process all our emotions including stress using only a pen and paper.

Journaling has been around since the discovery of fire when the teenage cave-girl chiseled on her cave wall about the cave-boy in the forest next to her and how annoyed she was that he got eaten by a lion trying to show off for another cave-girl. Since it’s been around for like a gazillion years and I journal fairly frequently, I decided to do a little research about the benefits of journaling. The obvious answers revealed themselves such as lowered anxiety, better coping with stress, and an overall sense of well-being compared to those who didn’t journal. What shocked me was the physical benefits that you can receive from daily writing exercises. The results were profound. This stuck a cord with me because living in the United States has predisposed me to always look for the “quick fix” and accept blindly whatever medication my doctor prescribes me. The older I get and the more I learn about prescription pill addiction, I am looking for alternative ways to find healing outside of the pharmaceutical realm. Here are 5 real results you can expect from dusting off that diary and putting pen to paper.

  1. Boosts Your immune System

    Dedicating his life to researching the effects of journaling on a person’s mental and physical well-being, Dr. James W. Pennebacker is the leading researcher in this field. He found that disclosing emotions in writing had beneficial influences on t-helper cell growth and the antibody response (fancy words that basically means your immune system is kicking butt).
  2. Reduces Your Time Spent At Your Doctor’s

     Now that your immune system is boosted it is no surprise that you don’t have to go to the doctor’s as much. In the same study by Dr. James W, he found that those who journaled visited their physicians fewer times than those who didn’t.
  3. Help Smokers Quit Smoking

    This one was a real shock to me too, but if you’re looking to quit smoking try added journaling to your efforts!
  4. Increase White Blood Cells in AIDS Patients

    If this reason alone doesn’t convince you of the power of journaling then maybe you need to journal a little to improve your mood and cultivate an open mind. ;)
  5. Overall Health Improvement

    Reduced blood pressure, improved lung function, improved liver function, fewer days in hospital, reduced depression. I had to throw all those out there because this is HUGE!

Even if I still don’t have you convinced (see question 4) just try it and see how it makes you feel. The immediate effects are a sense of calm and relief since you are allowing your body to have a channel for all your thoughts and emotions. It can’t stay inside forever. Even if you keep it a secret. Even if you’re a grown man with a pink sparkly journal with a mini lock on it… just try it! I think this world could really benefit if we all took ten minutes out of our day to unload on a piece of paper.

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