Curbing Self-Sabotage

30 August 2016 Written by 

Morning People And Night Owls Find The Downside Of Working At Peak Capacity

From Science Daily: A study by psychological researchers at Indiana University shows that people are more likely to undermine their performance at stressful tasks when they're operating at "peak capacity" based on their preferred time of the day.

The seemingly counterintuitive results, recently reported in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, are based on an investigation into the connection between people's circadian rhythm and risk of "self-handicapping," or self-sabotage. But rather than trying to protect against possible failure more at "off-peak" times, the study found, people actually engage in this behavior more at their peak times.

In other words, "morning people," who reported greater alertness at sunrise, self-handicapped more in the morning, and "night owls," who reported greater alertness at sunset, self-handicapped more in the evening.

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