5 Warning Signs Your Friendship Is Toxic

07 March 2017 Written by  FOX News

There are five warning signs that show it’s time to ditch your toxic mate Relationship expert India Kang — author with two books, Why Men Ask Dumb Dating Questions and ‘How to Date – Single Girls’ Dating Manual — has shared her tips with MailOnline.

Here are the five warning signs that tell you it’s time to ditch your toxic friend.

These warning signs will let you know when your friendship has gone sour.


An expert has revealed when it is time to cut off contact with a toxic friend
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The first one, is seeing who initiates contact.

If you are always the one making the effort, she suggests taking a step back.

If they really want to be in your life they will make contact, India says they will show it.

Relationship expert India Kang has identified five signals that show your friend is toxic
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The second warning sign is monitoring how you feel after you have spent time with them.

India says that if you are left feeling angry or resentful, it’s time to put the friendship to bed.

The third warning sign ia that you dread meeting up with them or never have fun when you’re out together, again it’s time to break up.


If a friend is always jealous or mean spirited, it is time to ditch them
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The fourth signal is if they are always criticizing your ambitions or goals.
If a friend is always jealous or mean spirited, it is time to ditch them

India explains that if friends are jealous or mean-spirited, it is time to ditch them.

And lastly the fifth warning sign is that a friend is always “too busy” to meet.

Seeing that a friend makes you feel bad or never wants to be with you should tell you it is time to invest in friends that actually want to spend time with you.

The tips come after a survey last week revealed that one in eight adults – seven million people – do not have a close friend.


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