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Do you know the difference between a healthy and unhealthy relationship? Many people have not had enough exposure to what a healthy relationship looks like to know. What is different about a healthy relationship as opposed to an unhealthy one. Here are some answers.

5 Hallmarks Of A Healthy Relationship

  • Can Speak Up For Yourself: You're not afraid to voice your thoughts or let your partner know if something is bothering you
  • Partners Respect Each Other: Your wishes and feelings have value. You respect what the other person feels, but value your own feelings equally 
  • There Is Compromise: You find a way to compromise in a safe and healthy way when dealing with issues on which you don't agree
  • Each Person Is Supportive: You build each other up. Neither puts the other person down. You encourage each other to try new things when inspiration strikes
  • Respect The Other Person’s Privacy: You don't feel the need with to know or to share everything, including your password or other private information

10 Freedoms That Indicate A Healthy Relationship 

  • Go out with your friends without your partner
  • Enjoy activities and hobbies alone
  • Not feel the need to share texts or emails
  • Feel heard and respected for who you are
  • Don't feel the need to give in if there is a disagreement
  • Eat and prepare foods you like, even if your partner doesn't want them
  • Call anyone, anytime
  • Drink or not drink
  • Not feel pressured to check in, but will do so as a courtesy
  • Set a boundary and know it will be honored

8 Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship

  • Your partner acts possessive and jealous
  • You feel as though you are walking on egg shells at times
  • Your partner breaks your things or threatens to
  • Your partner threatens to harm him/herself because of you
  • Your partner has big mood swings, goes from raging to complimenting you
  • Your partner texts or calls you constantly and seems obsessed with you
  • Your partner forces you to have sex, or go farther sexually than you want
  • You have to follow unspoken rules in order to keep the peace

If you are unsure whether your relationship is an unhealthy one take this quiz. Be sure to connect with your support system and understand that a person can only change if they want to. Take a minute to be sure your relationship is healthy and worth your time and effort.  

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