Leslie Glass

Leslie Glass

Leslie Glass is the winner of the American Society of Addiction Medicine 2016 Media Award for her groundbreaking documentary "The Secret World Of Recovery." She is a journalist, playwright, the author of 15 novels and the founder of Reach Out Recovery. She is the producer/director of "The Secret World Of Recovery," and the teen addiction prevention documentary "The Silent Majority" which was distributed by American Public Television to all PBS stations in 2015. Leslie is currently developing more websites and technology to further the recovery and healthy living cause.
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We're going crazy with fake news, false information, and just plain skewed beliefs. Addiction and recovery are even more rife with confusion than just about anything else. Here are some truths about addiction and recovery that you can rely on.


Expectations can fuel and motivate how we relate and react to others. However, most of us don’t even realize that we have had an expectation, until we find ourselves feeling disappointed or upset.

As Hurricane Harvey lashed Texas and Hurricane Irma set its sights on Florida, I couldn’t help thinking about the tens of thousands of people who rely on medicines and substances of many kinds. I flew into the storm as others were leaving.

This summer, as students make plans to return to college, one group faces greater challenges than any other. Children raised in homes with substance and alcohol abuse endure horrific instability and toxic stress. Rarely do they have any treatment or support.

When a person uses substances or behaviors to excess, changes changes occur in brain function, cognitive thinking, and behavior. These changes in the brain and behavior are just as dramatic as the way diabetes, heart disease and cancer change the human body. Addiction also changes the behavior of people around the sufferer.

Pretty much everyone craves salt. Pickles and foods fermented with salt (and sometimes vinegar) are universal. Every cuisine has its own treasured recipes. There’s a lot more to salt love than the pleasant tang on your tongue, however.

One of the most painful forms of relationship stress is walking on eggshells with someone you love and want to please. Not feeling safe to tell the truth for fear of setting someone off means that person is successfully controlling your behavior for his/her benefit.

Is there someone in your life who insists things happened that didn’t happen, or has a completely different version of events in which you have the facts? It’s a form of mind control and is very common among families dealing with substance and behavior problems. It can also be politically useful. It's more than spin. Making something that is happening seem it isn’t happening is gaslighting.

Humans seem to have an angry gene that keeps us from being calming down in oh so many circumstances.  When opponents have their turn at control is one of those circumstances. Let’s face it, the election aside, anger makes perfect sense. In the bad old days, a change of power meant everyone on the other side would be killed, their villages and cities plundered.

You may think that only soldiers at war experience Post Traumatic Stress symptoms, but that is far from the truth. Parents and children of alcoholics and substance users also experience recurring trauma that causes lasting damage.

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