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Richie Supa's New Album Supports Recovery For Those Who Can't Pay

 From Addiction Professional by Gary A. Enos Sales of Richie Supa's latest release "Enemy" are benefiting the Face the Music Foundation, which supports individuals who otherwise would not be able to access substance use treatment and recovery services.

The latest solo album from the director of creative recovery at Recovery Unplugged is benefiting the Face the Music Foundation, an alliance of treatment and recovery organizations assisting individuals who cannot afford substance use services. The songs on “Enemy” chart singer and songwriter Richie Supa's personal recovery journey.

Released in May, “Enemy” includes 12 tracks that are part of Supa's collection of music that he uses in the lively sessions he conducts with clients at the Fort Lauderdale, Fla., young-adult treatment organization. “This is my best expression yet of how music makes the difference in our program,” Supa said in a news release.

The Recovery Unplugged website states in regard to the album from Supa, who has toured with Aerosmith and has written songs for a Who's Who of artists, “The record is at once dark, desperate, tragic, jubilant, triumphant and inspiring, and depicts in raw detail Richie's battle with his own demons and enemies in his years of substance abuse.” Proceeds from album sales will benefit the Face the Music Foundation.

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