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Reach Out Recovery Exclusive by Jeff Vande Zande  Want To Read Real Oxycontin Recovery 

We love redemption stories. Right now more than every before during an epidemic of opiate deaths, books like Jeff's are so necessary for three reasons.. We need to know that recovery from opiates is possible and happening all the time, the deep-seated reasons people get caught in the first place, and the inside work needs to be done to heal.

Detroit Muscle begins just after 20-year-old Robby Cooper finishes a stay at a rehab clinic in Florida. He must return to Michigan to try to put his life back together. He has debts to pay and apologies to make. His ex-girlfriend is carrying his child, but wants nothing to do with him. He has no job and no prospects for finding one. 

As Robby struggles to jump-start his life on the crumbling streets of Detroit, his grandfather Otto asks Robby to drive him to northern Michigan under the guise of a brief fly-fishing trip. However, the stops that Otto asks Robby to make along the way begin to span across decades, shedding light on the darker parts of his family’s history and the demons they’ve each battled. The further north they travel, the closer Robby and Otto get to their interwoven, intangible truths.

One of my goals for the book was to show that addiction does not discriminate in terms of who it afflicts. In order to fight the stigma of addiction, we must realize that it can affect anyone, regardless of income, character, or status. Jeff Vande Zande

What The Recovery Community Is Saying About Detroit Muscle

"Detroit Muscle has something for all walks of society in relation to viewing addicted people in a more compassionate light." Recovery Campus, Nicola O'Hanlon 

"We all know addiction and the intense, never-ending battle of trying to stay clean is no fake story or fiction tale, but a book like this could help raise a lot of awareness on what it’s like for someone in early recovery. It’s a refreshing and exciting change of pace from the addiction auto-biographies that fill bookstore shelves."  Aaron Emerson

Fction Allows Author To Reach Truth That Hits Home In The Deepest Way

Detroit Muscle maps the journey taken by those we love who navigate the difficult path from addiction, recovery, forgiveness, to redemption. With precise dialogue and unflinching honesty, this novel places the reader alongside Robby as he treks between the regrets of his past and the dreams for his future. 

A story of hope, humanity, flawed characters and the people that love them despite their mistakes, the novel reminds us that maps can only be charted after the path has first been journeyed. Any person that has ever felt lost, or as though they are on the wrong road, will find strength in the powerful message that Detroit Muscle delivers.

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Jeff Vande Zande teaches English at Delta College in Michigan. His books of fiction include Emergency Stopping and Other Stories, the novel Into the Desperate Country, the novel Landscape with Fragmented Figures and Threatened Species and Other Stories (Whistling Shade Press). His novel entitled American Poet won the Stuart and Vernice Gross Award for Excellence in Writing by a Michigan Author and a Michigan Notable Book Award from the Library of Michigan.

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