Scott Weiland’s Last Day Alive

04 December 2015 Written by 

Another Celebrity Gone Too Soon Scott Weiland Passed Away In A Tour Bus

This new death sent shockwaves across the music industry yesterday when the 48-year-old former front man to one of the grunge era’s  most influential bands, Stone Temple Pilots, was found dead in a tour bus in Bloomington, Minnesota. But no one was as shocked about his sudden passing more than the man who found him dead — and can reveal who it was!

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Radar spoke exclusively to a source very close to Weilands wife, Jamie Wachtel, who said that the Weiland and the Wildabouts drummer Joey Castillo was the one who found his lifelong friend dead.

“Joey is beyond devastated after finding his best friend Scott dead on the bus,” the source told Radar.

According to other outlets, an arrest was made today after authorities allegedly found cocaine in the room of the motel where Weiland’s tour bus was parked.

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Although these reports are unsubstantiated, the insider also told Radar, “No one in the band believes that Scott died in his sleep. He was partying all week. It is no secret that the boys liked to party, especially on tour.”

Toxicology reports will take weeks, but Weiland’s struggles with addiction were no secret to fans.

Story developing.

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