Desiigners Drug Charges Have Officially Been Dismissed

30 November 2016 Written by 

Desiigner is officially off the hook!

On Tuesday, the NYC District Attorney finally dismissed the drug charges against the rapper from his drug and weapon arrest earlier this year.

Back in September, the songsmith was arrested after he allegedly pulled a gun during a road rage incident. While investigating the supposed altercation, police also found a controlled substance in the 19-year-old's SUV.

However, the weapon charges were dropped once authorities failed to find a gun in the Panda performer's car.

And it turned out that the drugs-in-question were actually steroids that appeared to be prescribed to the New York native's driver.

So now, sources tell TMZ this new dismissal was an effort to maintain the cops' reputations, since they didn't drop the drug charges back when they dropped the weapon charges.

His lawyers, Ian Niles and Stacey Richman, were in court -- the hitmaker wasn't -- and told the tabloid that they're pleased with the results, saying:

"We're happy he's been exonerated ... and happy with the investigation from the D.A."

This will clear Desiigner's record.

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