Comedian Chris Gethards Focuses On Depression Struggle

13 October 2016 Written by 

Comedian Chris Gethard has managed to find a rich vein of comedy in the unlikeliest place — clinical depression.

Gethard opens his latest one-man show by making fun of his psychologist, who often acts inappropriately. He then discusses his lifelong struggle with depression and the time in 2001 he tried to end it all by driving into a truck.

Those are some of the topics in the moving, autobiographical show "Chris Gethard: Career Suicide" at the Lynn Redgrave Theater in the East Village. It opens Thursday.

"It has not been the easiest to always share material that's this personal, for sure," Gethard said over tea recently. "It's not fodder for comedy but I have made comedy out of it."

Take his view on the stigma of taking psychiatric medicine: "I've wracked my brain. I think it's the only drug I can think of where people have this attitude of 'Someday, I won't need this,'" he said. "It's an odd relationship we have. It's like nobody has to explain to their ignorant cousin why they're on insulin."

Gethard is following in the footsteps of fellow comedians-turned-stage performers like Colin Quinn, Mike Birbiglia and Hasan Minhaj. It's a natural fit for Gethard, who's always craved more emotional meat on his show's bones than just rat-a-tat jokes.

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