Getting My Head Out Of The Toilet

19 October 2016 Written by 

So today I received a text from a sponsee that said: “Are you busy? Any time to help me get my head out of the toilet?” I just had to laugh out loud! Isn’t that the perfect description of what happens when my mind is driving me crazy? The mind chases me around in circles screaming, “The sky is falling!! The sky is falling!!” Everything is a catastrophe. I’m to blame. Relentlessly the mind continues to beat me up, shame me, blame me, ridicule me, call me names, and assumes the worst.

But I don’t have to live there. In fact, I don’t even have to keep my head in the toilet!! I can stand up and take my head out of the toilet and get away from all that nastiness. I can choose to tune into my heart which always tells me the truth.

In my heart I will find the words of gentle healing, compassion, and loving kindness that I so desperately need. So I laughed with my sponsee and said, “What are you doing standing there with your head in the toilet.” With words of encouragement she picked herself up and discovered her truth again. It’s a beautiful thing!

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Raised on a dairy farm in upstate NY, I learned to work hard along with my five siblings. I grew up in a very conservative Mennonite-Amish church which shaped a lot of my fundamental core values and beliefs. After moving to Florida to attend college, I married and became mother to five children. Eventually, my unmanageable life came to a crashing halt and I found my way into an Al-Anon recovery program. Recovery has affected every area of my life and I love sharing the things I am learning with others so that they might also find hope for their own recovery.
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