When The Pain Wins Facing Suicide

14 April 2017 Written by 

This week I was notified of yet another suicide of a young person in the town where I grew up. It’s painful to face suicide. It’s a subject that is not talked about often, and yet it touches our lives on a regular basis. Servicemen, students, family members, businessmen, sports stars – the pain touches us on every side.


For those who struggle with emotional pain, the battle is real – relentless and crushing. Like waves that crash over you again and again, the pain comes to taunt once again. The search for peace and serenity seems like chasing and trying to catch the wind.


For those who are left behind after a suicide, guilt and grief become their daily bread. A very good friend of mine shares with me her philosophy of parenting: “I can neither take the credit nor the blame for how my children turn out.” Those who are left behind after a suicide undoubtedly suffer with thoughts of self-blame. But in the end, no matter how much love a parent gives, no matter how much counseling and medication, no matter how rich and deep the religion, no matter how much the individual is loved by others – the pain simply wins.


What is my part in standing with those who struggle with emotional pain? I can offer love, acceptance, a listening ear, encouragement, and just “being there” through the ebbs and flow of the waves of pain. As much as my heart would love to rescue and deliver another from their pain, I simply cannot.


My prayer has been and will continue to be, “Let my love be enough.” Let my love be enough to keep the pain from winning.


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