When Someone Crosses Your Boundary

27 July 2017 Written by 

Today, a sponsee shared with me how uncomfortable she felt when her ex-husband tried to put his arm around her or touched her face in an intimate way. Her body was saying “no,” but she said nothing.

There’s a reason that his behavior made her uncomfortable – he has crossed her personal boundary. What’s the solution?

Set the boundary in your mind and then communicate that boundary clearly to the other person.

We each get to set our boundaries according to what our bodies are telling us. If our body says “no,” then our mouth should affirm that “no.” It’s okay to set and keep personal boundaries.

Another friend today shared how distraught she was that certain individuals were sharing gossip with her. I asked her if she thought that it was okay to listen to gossip. She said no. So it’s time to set a personal boundary, and then clearly communicate that boundary. I will choose not to listen to private information about another person. If someone begins to share gossip, I am ready to share my personal commitment not to share private information about others.

Stating personal boundaries is essential to live a healthy emotional and spiritual life. I have learned that I should say what I mean, and mean what I say – but don’t say it mean.

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