The Cloak Of Self Righteousness

21 June 2016 Written by 

“And when you forgive others, something rather amazing happens. Because through your offer of forgiveness you release a hold not only on the other person, but also on the grudge you were holding, on the hunger for delicious judgment that you’d been harboring, and on a life dominated by the past. When you’ve been forgiven, all that’s left is gratitude. And when you forgive others, all that’s left is freedom and possibility.” ~ David Lose


If I feel that I have been hurt by others, I might believe that I have a right to carry some judgment toward them, even a grudge. I might believe that I am smart enough to not let them hurt me again by keeping my distance.


So I put on the garment of self-righteousness and call it something else. I am living in denial of my truth. Yes I am. Somewhere in my life, I have also hurt others. I have done these same things. Do I believe that I deserve a second chance? Do I believe that I deserve to be forgiven?


The law of the Universe tells me that what action I send out will also return to me at some point in the future. This is summed up in The Golden Rule. If I want to be forgiven, then I must first forgive. I must take off  my cloak of self-righteousness.


The reward? As David Lose says, “….all that’s left is freedom and possibility."


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