Taking The I Out Of Interfering

02 May 2017 Written by 

Interfering in the affairs of others can become a bad habit – especially when it comes to grown children.

Every human being is here on their own journey, discovering their own truth, making choices for themselves, learning and growing in their own way. I love the slogan that says “Our children are on their own spiritual journey, and I am not invited!”

How loving it is to give them the joy of finding their own way and figuring things out for themselves.

Nobody likes to be told what to do – especially our grown children.  Sometimes others ask for our suggestions or help in thinking through a situation. Even then, it’s best to ask good questions rather than give straight answers from what I think is the best choice for them. I might be entirely and completely wrong. And the choices my children make (without my help) are exactly what they need to do in order to learn and grow in the best possible way.

Unhealthy interfering includes enabling, controlling, manipulating, and enmeshment. Healthy relationship includes support, encouragement, and a strong belief in respect for the other person who is on their journey, figuring out the next step they should take.

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