When a prescription drug causes risky side effects, the word often doesn’t get out for years, allowing Big Pharma to make money anyway. 

Our relationship has ended.  Not failed, but simply completed. We need to rethink what endings can teach us about the past and future.

Searching for professional help for substance use disorders (SUDs) can be confusing as there are so many types of physicians, counselors, social workers, and others. Learn who does what and who can help with mental illness and substance use, as well as recovery for family members and other loved ones.

An article in the American Society of Addiction Medicine, 2017 explores the use of SoberLink systems in the monitoring of client treatment for alcohol use disorders (AUDs). Nine expertise in the areas of AUDs  - both with research and clinical backgrounds  - manned a panel that examined the value of using monitoring systems such as SoberLink for aiding in the recovery process.

Almost two years have passed since my last drink. The road from addiction to recovery has been a heartbreaking and enlightening journey. And despite the pain, I’m thankful for who I am today. But what still brings fear is the potential impact on my children.

I’m a 32-year-old with anxiety and depression, and I have been living in recovery from addiction for just over a year. I went into recovery without knowing much about it. Here are some of the important lessons I have learned.

A mysterious marijuana-related illness is popping up with increasing frequency in hospital emergency rooms, particularly in states where cannabis is now legal.

Are You A Transformational Leader

03 January 2017
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There are people in the world who just have that magic attitude that inspires others. They approach life with a certain curiosity and resilience, asking questions without getting attached to the outcomes. The answer doesn’t matter - they ask away! A “no” merely sends them in the direction of a possibility that they had not yet considered… until that moment. A shift in perspective takes them on a path that results in stretch and growth. Every adventure is viewed as an opportunity.

Emotional experiences can induce physiological and internal brain states that persist for long periods of time after the emotional events have ended, a team of NYU scientists has found.

Recent findings appear to reconfirm evidence of a two-way link between schizophrenia and cannabis use, suggesting that one leads to the other.

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