Redirected By Frustration

03 June 2016 Written by 

What if……frustration is only redirection?

This profound question has been rolling around in my head ever since a friend shared it with me recently. I tend to think of frustration as, well – annoying and bothersome! But what if I really stopped to realize that perhaps I am actually being redirected by Spirit?

Redirected to an upgrade! A better way. A higher path. Frustration might equal a closed door which then leads to a {better} different door. What if I always remembered when I am feeling frustrated, “I am being redirected to something better!” How would this change my attitude? How wold this change my day and my life?

So maybe the next time I am frustrated, I will stop and think that a big finger is tapping me on the shoulder saying,  “Um, not this way…..go this way!”

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Amy T.

Raised on a dairy farm in upstate NY, I learned to work hard along with my five siblings. I grew up in a very conservative Mennonite-Amish church which shaped a lot of my fundamental core values and beliefs. After moving to Florida to attend college, I married and became mother to five children. Eventually, my unmanageable life came to a crashing halt and I found my way into an Al-Anon recovery program. Recovery has affected every area of my life and I love sharing the things I am learning with others so that they might also find hope for their own recovery.
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