Never Forget Why You Were Created

27 March 2017 Written by 

My husband and I went to see the movie “The Shack” yesterday. Very profound and thought-provoking. The line from the movie that stuck with me is this: “We were created to be loved. Pain can cause us to forget that.”


Pain happens in life. It just does. Being rejected by others, or shamed, or bullied. Especially not receiving love from the family into which we were born. Being abused by that family can cause great pain.


But eventually we come to understand that hurt people hurt other people. And then we understand that to break that chain of hurt and pain, it must begin with me. I must find the love in my heart to forgive both myself and others. It is this love that will heal all our wounds, and reach out to heal the wounds of others.


I have not forgotten Love. I have remembered that Love gave birth to my soul, Love sustains me and heals me, and to Love I will one day return. I am here to love and to be loved. It’s my highest calling.

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