Making Friends With Our Emotions

08 July 2016 Written by 

Chatting with one of my sponsees yesterday she was asking how to deal with her negative emotions. She labeled her emotions as "character defects."

She wanted to know how to rid herself of these emotions which she felt were wrong. I quickly stopped her and said, "Whoa!"

Emotions are definitely not character defects. Like our bodies, our emotions tell us our truth. If I follow and listen to my emotions, I will learn much. More of my own truth is being revealed. What if I could learn to trust my feelings instead of asking to be delivered from them?

What is my truth behind my particular emotion or feeling? Is there a personal boundary that I am allowing to be trampled? Is there a fundamental value of mine that is being undermined? Am I being disrespected and my sense of self-worth being trampled? Perhaps there IS a character flaw behind my present emotion which is fueling my fire - perhaps an expectation or a resentment. I can come to know the truth behind my emotion and this revelation will bring me clarity and healing.

My emotions are my friend and tell me my truth if I care to look closely at them and listen to what they are telling me.

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