Learning How To Go With The Flow

16 May 2017 Written by 

Flow is just a beautiful way to describe the way that life unfolds. Some things are coming, and other things are going.

Life is never stagnant, but rather a continual flow. What happens if I continually attach to either the coming or going? Then I am not living in reality. I live like a jerking car that is trying to get traction in order to move forward.

If I cling to the coming or going of life events, then I will actually miss my real life as it comes flowing through. I must trust that life is unfolding exactly as it should for me.

The ebb and flow, surge and retreat, expansion and contraction are continually occurring in my body, my mind, and my environment.

I can ride the waves of the Flow, or I can fight against them. It’s all about my attitude. It reminds me of the slogan, “This too shall pass.” It’s true; everything is in flux and flow.

When I resist, I suffer. When I embrace, I relax and enjoy the journey.

I find that real joy that comes from inside is not easily disturbed by external life. Like the depths of the ocean, there remains a deep calm down there no matter what is happening on the surface. I have no need for oars or a motor - I just drift along on the waves as they come.

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