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30 June 2016 Written by 

My good friend called me the other morning and asked me to give her a pep talk as she was heading out to the gym, starting again to get into a workout routine. I was happy to do so. After I finished my spiel, she said that the most important thing I had said to her was that her body was her temple, and that she needed to take care of her temple.


Ah yes, I carry within my body my spirit which is co-mingled with the Great Spirit. Thus I am a living temple. Keeping the temple well repaired is critical. If the temple is not taken care of, it will start to crumble and fall apart and will become less useful.


Of course part of the temple is my mind which needs to become trained to stay in positive thoughts, free from judgment, criticism, grumbling, complaining, resentment, and other negative and dark thinking. But the other part of the temple is my physical body.


When my body is in great shape, I find that my spirit can be at its best. Things like exercise, nutritious food, and rest are the building blocks of this temple. I am the only one who has control over my temple. It’s totally up to me to maintain my temple. When my temple is crumbling and falling apart, I have little life to give to others.


I will do my best to maintain all aspects of my temple on a daily basis.



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