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What is it that I am looking for in a relationship? Whether it’s a boyfriend, spouse, or just a friend, what is the most valuable asset I am looking for?

I want to feel that the person I am in relationship with is growing spiritually and emotionally. Is this person working on moving forward in their life? Are they interested in sharing new insights that they are learning as they travel their journey?

And most importantly, do they encourage and support me on my personal growth journey. If I am in relationship with someone who is regularly criticizing me and my choices, who discourages and even mocks the things I do, then I had best take a second look at this relationship.

If my relationship with this person is not contributing to my personal growth, then I might want to consider moving on to find more healthy relationships. I definitely want a relationship where there is common ground that includes positive encouragement and celebration of growth.

I want a relationship where I feel loved and encouraged. I want a relationship that spurs me on in my spiritual and emotional journey.

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