How To Escape Emotional Landmines

23 May 2017 Written by 

I am going along just fine, when all of a sudden I have an overwhelming, intense emotional reaction that seems to come out of nowhere.

Instantly I am like a chameleon, turning into someone I hardly recognize and behaving in ways that are entirely out of my normal character. I have just experienced an emotional trigger. I have been emotionally hijacked.

This strong emotional reaction can be set off by just a name, a look on someone’s face, a remark, an image, or certain words – I instantly react without even thinking. The trigger is a product of a past traumatic event in my life. It is actually not the current event that is causing my emotional over-reaction, but the reminder of the past traumatic event.

The key is to catch myself reacting.

As soon as I notice that I am having a strong emotional reaction, I can learn to shift my emotional state and bring myself back to the here and now.

Spending some time searching for and identifying my emotional triggers is an important step. I make the decision not to be owned by these triggers. Identifying the emotional wounds behind my triggers can be the first step toward my healing.

Healing from past traumatic events is a process that will continue to release me from the effects of those events that produce triggers in my life today.

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