Holding Things Tightly Does Not Bring Peace

05 December 2016 Written by 

When I hold things tightly, I am attempting to maintain control. Holding things tightly does not bring peace and serenity. Holding things tightly brings anxiety and stress. I hold things tightly when I forget that I am not in control.

Earlier in my life finances were a thing I held tightly. In fact, it worried me so much that I had to turn the handling of the finances over to my husband. I couldn’t bear to look! In recovery I have learned to hold finances lightly. I have incorporated the principle to look, but not stare. I can take a glance at how things look, but then I can easily let it go and know that I hold even the finances lightly. And you know what – things have a way of working out!

I hold my “stuff” lightly, the material possessions I have been gifted with. They are here today, and I am grateful. If they are gone tomorrow, I am still grateful. The plans for my day are also held lightly. I am not in charge of the events of my day. I will not be “bent out of shape” as my day unfolds – exactly as it should.

Acceptance in my life means that I can hold things lightly – money, possessions, relationships, plans and emotions. I don’t hang on to people, places and things as if I am in charge of them or own them. These things ultimately don’t belong to me. There is a God, and it’s not me! 

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Amy T.

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