Healing Relationships Need Honest Communication

08 May 2017 Written by 

I grew up in a home environment that lacked communication skills. What typically took place instead was passive aggressive behavior.

Passive aggressive behavior is generally described as expressing negative feelings, resentment, and aggression in an unassertive passive way. Instead of communicating honestly when I feel upset, annoyed, irritated, or disappointed, I make the choice to “act out.”

Acting out can include things like giving the silent treatment, angry looks, sulking, evading, avoiding, procrastinating, becoming a victim, self-pity, blaming, making wistful statements, giving backhanded compliments, sarcasm, feigned ignorance, sabotage, or deliberately insulting someone and pretending you didn’t know you insulted them.

Passive aggressive behavior is a form of emotional abuse which erodes relationships and trust, creating an atmosphere of negative energy.

It brings hurt and pain into the relationship. Rather than being honest and engaging in healthy communication, passive aggressive behavior is a deliberate and masked way of expressing my real feelings.

Honest communication is an important skill to learn, but entirely necessary in order to have a healthy relationship.

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