Guarding My Heart Against Internalized Problems

31 January 2017 Written by 

Today a dear friend shared with my Soul Sisters from her time of meditation. She spoke these words: “Don’t take ‘outside’ problems into your insides.”

With steady eyes that spoke earnestly the truth, she spoke these words that are the foundation of living in healthy detachment.

Like arrows that pierce the heart, outside problems can penetrate my soul and cause me great pain and harm. When I remember that each human being is on their own spiritual journey, I can more easily refrain from going into “fix-it” mode.

When I think their problem is my problem, then I am attempting to muscle my way into someone else’s spiritual journey.

I have come to know that love is the greatest gift I have to bring to any situation in life. Love is the most powerful force in the universe, and it can cover and heal situations and lives. It is my duty to guard my heart so that I can remain centered in Love, and bring that love to the surface to share with others at any moment. If I am consumed with “problems” and “troubles” that I have internalized, then my heart will not be ready to give. Instead it will be troubled, anxious, and in “fix-it” mode.

I will guard my heart, for out of it can flow the water of pure Love if I tend it carefully.

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