Getting My Own Way

29 August 2016 Written by 

Do I believe that the Universe has my best interests always at heart? Do I believe that the Universe is working toward my personal growth, moving me forward toward freedom, peace and the greatest expression of who I was created to be?

Yes I do. If I believe this, then it is important that I discontinue my struggle to impose my own will on my life and my journey. The pain I suffer comes when I try to force the outcome I desire. I think that if things go “my way,” I will be happy. I have come to realize that there is no happiness when I struggle and push to get my own way.

When I push and struggle to force the outcome that I desire, I can expect frustration and barriers to arise. I have found that when I step away from this attempt to force my own plans, and instead get in line with what God has planned, I will find peace – even in the midst of any turmoil.

By listening to my inner voice, I will hear and know the path I should travel. This path will take me to the destination I truly want.

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Amy T.

Raised on a dairy farm in upstate NY, I learned to work hard along with my five siblings. I grew up in a very conservative Mennonite-Amish church which shaped a lot of my fundamental core values and beliefs. After moving to Florida to attend college, I married and became mother to five children. Eventually, my unmanageable life came to a crashing halt and I found my way into an Al-Anon recovery program. Recovery has affected every area of my life and I love sharing the things I am learning with others so that they might also find hope for their own recovery.
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