Emotional Hooks

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There are those who use emotional hooks in an attempt to get what they want from others. It’s a subtle form of manipulative control. There are always strings attached – with a hook at the end. It’s meant to “bring you around” so that they can have their way with you.

When emotional hooks are thrown, they make the recipient feel uncomfortable and off-balance. There’s this nagging feeling that “I can’t put my finger on it, but something isn’t quite right here.” This may be accompanied by feelings of false guilt. I might feel like I’m “being bought” with gifts, so I think I’m expected to give this person what they want (whether I really want to or not!).

Emotional hooks are a form of bullying, in a passive-aggressive way. The hooks get bigger, more frequent, and more demanding. I feel suffocated and pressured. But somehow I feel guilty if I don’t give into the demands of the one who is throwing me the emotional hooks.

Fishing with emotional hooks is a game some people play. I have learned to smell the bait when it comes along. I choose not to take the bait, and not to play the game. I walk away.

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