Don't Take The Bait

11 November 2016 Written by 

Did you know that you could choose to stop participating in the problem? If someone tosses me a ball, I can choose not to catch it. I can choose to let it fall to the ground and roll away. I can choose to walk off the playing field. I can choose not to participate in the drama.

If I stay and try to convince others of my opinion, then I am becoming part of the problem. If I try to reason with unreasonable people, then I am becoming part of the problem. If I try to be the “fixer,” then I am becoming part of the problem.

Maintaining my internal serenity is always in the forefront of my being. When I jump into the problem, I’m most likely going to lose my serenity, and that’s not a good choice for me. Wrestling with problematic situations sabotages my energy and keeps me from tending to the more important aspects of my life.

Keeping my internal peace will do the most good in bringing peace to those around me and to bring peace to difficult situations. I will focus on staying firmly planted and connected to the Source of Peace.










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