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My husband is retiring from his career after 36 years. I inquired as to how he was feeling about this. It’s such a major transition to move away from a job that has defined who you are for all your life.


The truth is that our job does not define who we are. Who we are is not the same thing as our occupation. I am separate from what I do. I can do many things in life – wear many different hats – but not one of them defines who I am.


I bring myself to my job. I take myself home from my job. I am myself outside my job as well as inside my job. I am totally who I am, with or without my occupation. Mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, sister, brother – these also do not define who I am.


My eulogy will probably best define who I was. What did my life bring to others? What energy did I bring? What service did I bring? What qualities did I best exemplify? Trustworthy, honest, full of integrity, joyful, peaceful, contented, wise, thoughtful, kind, considerate, compassionate, loving, caring, easy-going? Hopefully some of these words describe the person I am today and will be remembered when it's time for my eulogy.


I am not what I have done; I am who I have become.

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