Being Brave Enough To Say What I Need To Say

21 February 2017 Written by 

When I have gone so long in my life trying to please others, conforming to their wishes and desires, I essentially become disconnected from my own self and forget who I am.

I become a “people-pleaser.” I am whatever you want me to be. I have lost touch with my own desires and needs. I have lost my voice. It’s time for me to find my voice!

Who am I? What do I feel? What am I passionate about? What bothers me? What excites me? What do I want? What do I need? What do I want to say that I am not saying?

Actually, the world needs me to be me – to hear my voice.

My contribution to the world is important and necessary, not discretionary.

Putting aside my fear of being “judged” by others, I can authentically share my true self and engage with the world. I am not empty inside; I am alive inside and should take the opportunity to share my part in humanity.

I won’t know what my voice sounds like until I use it! And use it, I will.

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Amy T.

Raised on a dairy farm in upstate NY, I learned to work hard along with my five siblings. I grew up in a very conservative Mennonite-Amish church which shaped a lot of my fundamental core values and beliefs. After moving to Florida to attend college, I married and became mother to five children. Eventually, my unmanageable life came to a crashing halt and I found my way into an Al-Anon recovery program. Recovery has affected every area of my life and I love sharing the things I am learning with others so that they might also find hope for their own recovery.
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