Are You Addicted To Being Right

12 July 2017 Written by 

No one likes to be the recipient of unsolicited advice. No one.

Why do we always feel the need to tell others how they should handle their lives and their problems? Heather Plett puts it so well: “…even if the advice is really good, it feels like violence. It feels like judgment. It feels like shame. It feels like someone is telling us that they’d be so much better at handling our problems than we are.”

So why do we do this? To be the hero? To be the fixer? To be the one with all the answers? We are addicted to being right.

What Other Choice Do I Have?

Simply to be a good listener, and offer support by saying “I’m sure your will find your answer and figure this out. I have confidence in you.”

I cannot walk another man’s path, nor do I have the slightest knowledge about what might be best for another person. I might be absolutely, totally wrong. Really wrong. And then what?

Support looks like a large listening ear attached to arms that hug and hands that hold another’s heart gently and with compassion. May I always be a compassionate listener.

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