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03 January 2017 Written by 

There are people in the world who just have that magic attitude that inspires others. They approach life with a certain curiosity and resilience, asking questions without getting attached to the outcomes. The answer doesn’t matter - they ask away! A “no” merely sends them in the direction of a possibility that they had not yet considered… until that moment. A shift in perspective takes them on a path that results in stretch and growth. Every adventure is viewed as an opportunity.

They listen as you vent and then will you to move forward again; role models of positivity are they. They don’t negate your feelings, instead they guide you in uncovering that which makes you feel stuck. These are transformational leaders; invested in putting more transformational leaders into the world. They don’t rely on the typical transaction that occurs between a leader and a follower, there is no exchange of information or tit-for-tat. These leaders are people who have no problem challenging the status quo, they stimulate and motivate and influence on an emotional level. They have a vision and a passion for change and a willingness to start with themselves. To discover and uncover, to root out complacency and to be fearless. These are the people who don’t wait to be discovered, instead they are the people who discover for themselves.

Are you one of these people? Do you revel in taking action? Do you see opportunity and growth in your life? Is there space in your schedule to discover? As 2016 closes and resolutions are ripe for the picking … why not start by creating some space? Clean out your fridge, pantry, desk, car, wallet or schedule and make room for transformation in 2017!

Happy New Year …. Elizabeth

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Elizabeth Viszt

Elizabeth Viszt BA,MS, a Health & Wellness Coach in New York, is Master of Habit Change around the areas of nutrition, dieting, and personal relationships.
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