Anger Management In The Trump Years

22 January 2017 Written by 

Humans seem to have an angry gene that keeps us from being calming down in oh so many circumstances.  When opponents have their turn at control is one of those circumstances. Let’s face it, the election aside, anger makes perfect sense. In the bad old days, a change of power meant everyone on the other side would be killed, their villages and cities plundered.

This death and destruction has occurred throughout history, and is still happening in many parts of the world right now. No one in power wants resistance, so there is always some pounding down of the opposition.

This Is Not The Bad Old Days Of Ghengis Khan, or Hitler

Should Americans feel threatened when they fear those in power will not respect their rights? Absolutely. Even though revenge for not conforming is not the American way, human nature has proven not to be kind. Therefore, bow you head and trust is definitely against one’s best interest when the opposition rules. Protest is appropriate in a democracy. Even though one side has won for now, the pendulum always swings back and there will never be only one right way.

What Does Recovery Teach Us

In recovery we have to get along and restore our relationships with our family, even when we’re mad, even when we don’t get along with those who hurt or try to manipulate us. We have to give up the hate to recover. America can’t be like a dysfunctional family, with some members calling other members names and threatening them when thing don’t go their way. 

Protest Is Just Fine

Pushback occurred during the Clinton and Obama years. The opposition fought every initiative. It’s no secret that many did not believe one president was legitimate and the other was impeached. It was ugly. Can the formerly angry group be kind now that they are in power? This is the question, because half of the country feels betrayed. And that matters.

Let’s Be Reasonable

It is unreasonable for any new administration to expect everyone to suck it up. And it’s unreasonable for any winners to expect kinder treatment than they gave when they were losers. It’s the same. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. The way you deal is the way it will come back to you. Call it Karma. 

Get Over It Is For Both Winners And Losers

Whatever side you happen to be on right now, working together first means accepting that the other side must be acknowledged and the other side’s concerns addressed. We’re the same, the same people. We all wanted to be loved, and respected and accepted, and treated with compassion. We can’t afford to go back to the bad old days in this country. Let’s move on with love and kindness. It’s the way of recovery. And we need recovery in America, and in the world right now.

Reach Out Recovery Exclusive by Leslie Glass

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